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Double up your vision

WQHD has over 77% working space comparing with 1920x1080 FHD displays, and offers the clearest, most perceptible details in games, graphics, designs, and photos the eyes can see. Your eyes will not be able to spot a single pixel on WQHD. Images and letters are incredibly vivid and sharp that once you experience WQHD display, you will never go back to FullHDor HD display, ever again.

FullHD vs WQHD


Screen flows like water

250% more frames per second, compared to 60Hz monitors. This means it will display 2.5 times more frames per second, much smoother and more vivid motion in display. Your image, your hero, your champion will flow on your screen in an impeccable way you would ever dream of.

60Hz vs 144Hz



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